Kitchen Design ideas for 2022

Kitchen Design ideas for 2022

Kitchen Design ideas for 2022

We thought we’d look at what will be popular in kitchen design for 2022 to give you some ideas of what to consider for your new kitchen.

  • Strong, bold colours…  dark greens, rich navy blues and charcoals are growing in popularity and offer a personal touch to your design.
  • Black accents…  adding accessories and accents such as handles, appliances and worktops in black adds a touch of elegance and quality to your space.
  • Omitting wall units…  simplify your look by leaving out the wall units, making your kitchen more individual using artwork in their place, along with open shelving to display your favourite earthenware.
  • Hidden storage…  Clever storage ideas have always been a major part of kitchen design, but now we are finding more ways to hide everything behind the doors. Creating hidden coffee stations, gin bars and larders are big on people’s wish lists. It’s great to be able to close the doors to hide things away and have a sense of calm and cleanliness.

If you’re thinking of a new kitchen for 2022, we can guide you through the process, from initial designs to arranging tradespeople and  project managing your installation. Contact us to arrange your free design consultation. 

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