How lighting can transform your kitchen design – Illuminate your space

How lighting can transform your kitchen design – Illuminate your space

Lighting can often be overlooked when planning a new kitchen, but it is one of the most essential elements of the design.

As the busiest area of the home, there needs to be a range of different light sources throughout; You need bright task lighting for preparing and making food; this can be in the form of under wall unit lights, as well as ceiling spotlights.

Lower-level lighting under worktops or at plinth level gives warmth for the evenings, and feature pendants above a table or island creates atmosphere for people eating, reading, and socialising.

LED’s come with colour changing technology, along with remotes that change from cool white to warm white. Shades of lighting can dramatically change how the colour of your kitchen units look, so it is vital to see door samples in the space before you make any final decisions.

Your kitchen designer will ask how you and your family use the space, so that they can work out the best use of lighting, taking any sources of natural light into consideration.

Kitchen lighting design

Ellesmere kitchen in slate blue and light grey- Daytime

Kitchen lighting design

Ellesmere Kitchen in slate blue and light grey- Dusk

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