Create the perfect in-frame effect kitchen

Create the perfect in-frame effect kitchen

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We can now offer three new in-frame effect doors which deliver design versatility and sophistication.

The Arrington, Jacobsen, and Winslow doors are our new in-frame effect doors, raising the bar in product innovation, and offering a traditional hand-built look without the premium price tag.

in-frame effect doors from Kitchen Stori

What are in-frame kitchens?

In-frame kitchen designs have an additional border that surrounds a door front, adding extra detail to the cupboard whilst giving more support to the structure of the kitchen units.  

Having this visible frame has been a feature of kitchen designs for many years, but as technology has advanced, manufacturers have been able to cut costs and time of production by creating the frameless kitchens we use today.

Whilst we no longer technically need the structure of the frame, people still love the classic, high-quality look of an in-frame kitchen.

Our newly available in-frame effect doors bring the look right up to date in terms of style, colours, and functionality.

The Arrington range in slate blue from Kitchen Stori

Pro’s of an in-frame effect kitchen…

  • Quicker manufacturing process
  • Costs in production and therefore for the customer are lower
  • Kitchen units are easier to clean
  • More simple to install 
  • Maximise storage space and the full use of the unit 

Choose your style…

In-frame effect dining room

The Arrington

The Arrington is an in-frame effect narrow shaker with a 5-piece solid frame and a flat veneer centre panel. This door offers an elegant and simplistic look, and is available in a range of colours. The Arrington is suited to both classic and contemporary kitchen designs.

The Jacobsen in-frame effect kitchen from KitchenStori

The Jacobsen

The Jacobsen is an in-frame effect shaker with a 5-piece solid frame and raised veneer centre panel. Truly traditional, this design features a natural wood grain and fine line detailing to further elevate the look.

The Winslow

The Winslow is a 5-piece solid frame with internal bead. Understated style with a modern country look, with its chunkier frame, the Winslow is a perfect choice for an in-frame effect with added charm. 

The team at Doug Farleigh kitchens are pleased to be able to offer these new design styles and can provide many design options to suit your style.

Our kitchens can be customised to your space and the way that you live: truly bespoke, made to measure, and designed with care and attention. 

To book your free design consultation, either in our design studio, or in your own home, please call us on 01626 336934 or contact us here


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